Review: The Pirouette by Pleasureworks

Say hello to the Pirouette!



This squiggly little thing is a vibrator for internal and external stimulation.  No butts, please- not only is it missing a flared base, it also gets quite slippery, as noted below!  The pirouette is a waterproof vibe made of ABS plastic.  It’s very hard, with no give.  The vibrations are medium-strength and the vibe uses 2 AA batteries.

This vibrator has a nice swirl shape that does make it feel a little girthier than its modest 1 1/8″ diameter.  At 6″ long you’ve got some room to hang out with your hand, but not much.




The Pirouette turns on with a twist of the bottom piece, and you can twist up or down to control the level of intensity.  This is a two-handed maneuver, which I am not wild about.  Because the Pirouette is sold out right now (more in stock soon!) I had guessed the price of this toy to be $25 and it turns out to be only $18, which is a pretty good deal. Still, as you may be able to tell from my lack of exclamation points, this vibe didn’t wow me.  It’s kind of nothing special- none of those features that draw me in.  I like g-spot stimulation, or girth, or lovely texture, or interesting vibration patterns, or novelty.  This toy was just kind of… meh.


After being spoiled by silicone, stainless steel, and glass, I just don’t love the feeling of plastic on my skin.  My biggest complaint, however, was that after some thrusting paired with clit stimulation with my hitachi, this toy got so slippery I had trouble holding onto it.  Turning the power up, down, or off was a full-stop two-handed ordeal, which was pretty disruptive to my masturbatory flow.  My vagina does tend to run on the lubier side, so this may not be a problem for everyone.  Also, do note that this toy doesn’t need a ton of lubrication to feel nice, which is a plus!




A helpful re-design would have ridges around the base for help gripping, or something that is easier to navigate with one hand.

I totally dig beginner-friendly toys that are less expensive (and therefore less of a commitment.)  But it can be tricky to find good toys at affordable prices!  This brings me to a point that you know I’m all passionate about.  Cheaper toys are not inherently bad!  BUT- if you’re looking for something inexpensive, please be careful about what it’s made of.  In my early days of vibration exploration, I went to my seedy local sex shop and got a toy that, in retrospect, was made of super unhealthy jelly plastic.  But here’s where shit gets political, dearies.  I only review and bring to you toys that are safe (like this one!) and are from reputable stores whose mission it is to stock safe toys.  The good news about Good Vibes?  Literally anything you could get there is made to be ok for your bod.  They’re nitpicky about it because it’s important, and I hope you’ll be careful with your body too.  (Or throw a condom over your jelly toy.)  For more on this rant, you can read my manifesto here.

I know the words “beginner toy” are kind of taboo in the reviewing scene and for good reason.  All bodies work differently, and what gets you off might be different than what gets me off!  “Seasoned” vaginas do not all prefer super strong vibrations, or curves, or whatever.  That’s not a thing.  If you find something that you like, more power to you!  When I say “beginner-friendly toys” here, I’m talking about toys that aren’t super pricey, and are good to explore with.  I wouldn’t recommend some of my favorite toys to beginners- the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Pure Wand, for example- because the Hitachi could be too strong and could make someone think toys aren’t what their bodies like, and the Pure Wand has a strong and firm g-spot curve that some folks find is uncomfortable on their pelvic bones.  Purchases like those make more sense if you’re sure that’s what your body is looking for.   But if you’re looking for a first-time toy, or if you’re re-exploring what your body responds to (because bodies do change over time!)  I would recommend less expensive toys- and different toys than this one.  It’s not actively bad in a huge way (though the control really does bug me), it’s just not really anything special, and it’s kind of difficult to use.  And there are LOTS of other special toys out there, of all price ranges.  Good Vibes even put them together on a page for you, because they love you!  May I recommend the Purple Passion for good multi-speed clit vibration that changes with the push of a button, or the Dreamy-G for g-spot stim that’ll really get you going?  Or you can check out this post about good beginner toys.



Sorry, Pirouette.  You might be right for some people, but you weren’t a match for me.  2 out of 5 stars.

Thank you, Good Vibes, for sending me this toy in exchange for an open and honest review!


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