Review: Tantus Ryder, the world’s comfiest butt plug

I love the Ryder.  I’ve had mine for years and really love how comfortable it is.  It stays in really nicely, and a comfy shape, and is squishy enough that it’s great for double-penetration.  I recently bought a new one from Tantus because they have improved the design of the plug!  Take a look:


left: new design. right: old design.

The new plug (pink) is on the left, old design (purple) is on the right.  Don’t be confused by the color- the new version is available in both purple and black!  Mine is pink because I got it from the grab bag section.  What we’re looking at here is the difference in the base.  The old version had a very comfortable squishy base, but it was almost too squishy- I had one play session in which a partner’s enthusiastic bum sucked the base right up inside!  The new base is thicker and much sturdier. Tantus is only selling the new model, but if you’re buying off-site you should make sure you’re getting the thicker based one.


Old base bad.


New base good!

Should you ever find yourself with a foreign body up your tush, stay calm and gently bear down (or push as if you were trying to poop.)  In my case it only took a few seconds to get it back out, so think positive!  Otherwise go to the hospital.  They’ve seen worse.


excuse me, doctor, I’ve got something in my teeth.

The Ryder is smooth and slightly squishy.  It’s on the medium-large side  (diameter 1.5″, length 4.6″)  It’s got a nice tapered neck which makes it super comfy to slide in and out.  It gives a gentle but present feeling of fullness.  It feels so nice that I was inspired to try out the off-label use of putting it inside my pussy.  I left it there while doing some household chores and then later while giving a blowjob and it felt AWESOME.  It gives your kegels something to squeeze against and just feels nice and full.  The thought crossed my mind just now to use two at once- one vaginally and one anally.  Am I flying too close to the sun??  Time will tell.

You can get your own Ryder at Tantus for $38.44!  As always, they use awesomely body-safe silicone that is easy to clean.  I tend to boil mine.  Good silicone ain’t cheap, but Tantus has a fabulous grab bag section where you can get this same amazing plug for $17.99.

Five out of five stars, for sure.  This is one of my favorites.  Give it a try!

Butt plugs forever.



The Tantus Sport Long: that’s deep, bro.


Hey you.

You guys already know about how much I love Tantus, right?  I have a slew of toys I bought from them recently that I haven’t yet reviewed because I’m too busy stuffing them into my vagina but I thought I’d be cool and send you a review for the Sport Long, because it’s great.

The Sport is made out of the same high-quality silicone you always see from Tantus, which is smooth and lovely but also a dust magnet.  Seriously, it is unlike any other earthly substance I know.  I keep mine in a plastic bag to keep dust out, or just give them a once-over with a wet wipe or rinse before use.  For me, it’s not a big deal- since I know these toys will never poison my insides or melt into each other in my toy box.  Also they’re sparkly and pretty.  <3!

The Sport Long is 7.5″ long and 1.25″ around at its widest diameter.  I usually prefer thicker toys but this one arrived to me at a really apropos time- after a 3-day bone-fest with a lovely gentleman that had left my parts a little tender.  My other toys would have been too much but this one was just delectable.  As a gal who likes some pressure on her cervix, this toy gave me plenty to work with, in a pleasant, non-jabbing way.  It also comes in a 5.5″ length if you’re into something shorter.  



The base is a great size and sturdiness for strap-on play, which I regretfully have not gotten a chance to test-run yet.  But one thing I liked about this base that is unique is that it is not perfectly round- it’s more of a tear drop, which can help the wielder to keep track of which direction the toy is curving inside the other person’s body. 

The curve and bulb on the end of this toy provide pleasant g-spot or prostate stimulation.  Now offered in 3 sassy colors (which are not all pink and sparkly- THANK YOU, TANTUS!)  Mine is purple, but I love the look of that silver one- and the black one too!  I’m pouty that I don’t currently have a strap-on-interested partner, because I’d really love to be fucked by someone else with one of these toys.



5 out of 5 stars!  You can get your own Long Sport Dildo at Tantus for $47.  Tantus is always having great sales, so if this seems out of your budget, keep checking in on their website!  

Thanks, Tantus, for sending me this great dildo to review!  It’s an awesome one.

As a reminder: when you buy stuff from sites I’m an affiliate for, I get a referral bonus (at no cost to you)- which I usually use to buy more toys to review.  It’s small, but a nice incentive to keep reviewing!  I only get a kick-back if you clear your cookies before purchasing, so if you want me to benefit from your purchase, that’s how!  No pressure though- I just want everyone to get off and be happy 🙂

Review: Butterfly Bliss

Introducing: The Butterfly Bliss!


I’ve seen this vibe before and it was never really one that appealed to me much.  As a lady who enjoys the feeling of fullness, the thumb-sized knob of the butterfly bliss never called to me.  Furthermore, it’s been years since I’ve used a battery-powered vibe.  I tend to go for the convenience and green-ness of rechargeables.  That being said, as a sex toy reviewing veteran returning to the scene, I’ve realized I’ve been in a sex toy rut and am ready to give things a new go.  Bodies and pleasure change, and it’s always good to circle back every few years to revisit sensations!

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!  Andy, my friendly Good Vibes affiliate contact, sent me over this vibe and a Pirouette (review to come) along with a little personalized note and some lubes, because he is adorable.  Here it is with the dino, for scale:Image

Stats-wise, this is a silicone vibrator powered by 2 AAA batteries.  It’s waterproof and phthalate free and has an insertable tip of 2 3/4″ by 1 1/8″ (aka, Not Enough For Kate’s Cavernous Vagina.)  Different vaginas like different things.  Mine is all about HEAVY g-spot action, cervix nuzzling, and stretching.  This is not a toy for that kind of thing.  The bulb on the insertable part of this toy does give a nice gentle fullness in the sensitive lower part of the vagina, but I found myself mashing it into me to try to get the fullness 2 fingers would provide.

The wings and antennae are intended to tickle and buzz against the clitoris.  For me, they did a little- but the buzzy vibrations numbed me pretty quickly and I had better luck grinding my clit against the textured body part of the butterfly.



I experimented with different motions- rocking, swirling, pumping- and found a rocking motion worked best for me.  The vibrations were stronger than I expected.  Unfortunately, they were not enough to get me off completely.  To be fair, I’ve been using a hitachi a lot lately!  However, the squishiness of the silicone (which, BTW, is body-friendly and awesome) enabled me to maneuver things around and use another vibe on my clit without pinching my skin, which was good.  I also liked the one-touch power supply- which cycles through 3 levels of power at the touch of a button.




This toy is not the noisiest, but it does make some noise.  I tend to vibe out (!) under the covers and once my nighttime noise machine is on, and this was not audible over that.

This would be a really good beginner vibe for someone.  It’s versatile- it can be used for penetration or clit stim or both.  It’s very reasonably priced at $28, which is pretty great for a silicone toy.  It’s body-safe, which is a great way to start off on the right foot!  It’s quiet enough, and also waterproof for added noise protection (showergasms!) for those living with roommates or parents.  Also it’s not huge, and it’s cute.

My one major beef with this vibe is that the ridges and highly textured surface make it obnoxious to clean.  My typical toy-cleaning routine is 2-fold- a quick wipe-down right away with a baby wipe, and then more thorough cleaning after the afterglow has faded with toy cleaner.  This butterfly’s ridges and wings and crevices require a LOT of attention.  Like, scrubbing with a toothbrush.




And I am too lazy for that.

3 out of 5 stars.

You can pick up one of your own at Goodvibes!  This vibrator was provided to me by Good Vibrations in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  Good Vibrations, as you know, is a fabulous, woman-friendly sex toy store invented by vibrator fairy godmothers in 1977 that provides good quality, body-safe toys, all-body sex education, and general badassery.  I choose to review for them because I believe in their mission.