Review: Tantus Ryder, the world’s comfiest butt plug

I love the Ryder.  I’ve had mine for years and really love how comfortable it is.  It stays in really nicely, and a comfy shape, and is squishy enough that it’s great for double-penetration.  I recently bought a new one from Tantus because they have improved the design of the plug!  Take a look:


left: new design. right: old design.

The new plug (pink) is on the left, old design (purple) is on the right.  Don’t be confused by the color- the new version is available in both purple and black!  Mine is pink because I got it from the grab bag section.  What we’re looking at here is the difference in the base.  The old version had a very comfortable squishy base, but it was almost too squishy- I had one play session in which a partner’s enthusiastic bum sucked the base right up inside!  The new base is thicker and much sturdier. Tantus is only selling the new model, but if you’re buying off-site you should make sure you’re getting the thicker based one.


Old base bad.


New base good!

Should you ever find yourself with a foreign body up your tush, stay calm and gently bear down (or push as if you were trying to poop.)  In my case it only took a few seconds to get it back out, so think positive!  Otherwise go to the hospital.  They’ve seen worse.


excuse me, doctor, I’ve got something in my teeth.

The Ryder is smooth and slightly squishy.  It’s on the medium-large side  (diameter 1.5″, length 4.6″)  It’s got a nice tapered neck which makes it super comfy to slide in and out.  It gives a gentle but present feeling of fullness.  It feels so nice that I was inspired to try out the off-label use of putting it inside my pussy.  I left it there while doing some household chores and then later while giving a blowjob and it felt AWESOME.  It gives your kegels something to squeeze against and just feels nice and full.  The thought crossed my mind just now to use two at once- one vaginally and one anally.  Am I flying too close to the sun??  Time will tell.

You can get your own Ryder at Tantus for $38.44!  As always, they use awesomely body-safe silicone that is easy to clean.  I tend to boil mine.  Good silicone ain’t cheap, but Tantus has a fabulous grab bag section where you can get this same amazing plug for $17.99.

Five out of five stars, for sure.  This is one of my favorites.  Give it a try!

Butt plugs forever.



So You Want to Try Butt Stuff Part 3: Double Penetration

Double penetration slays me.  It’s both physical and psychological.  I love feeling filled, stretched, overpowered, submissive.  I love the attention and the taboo and the wholeness.  It makes me feel wanton.  I love it.

There are a number of ways a gal can play with double penetration, both solo and with a partner.  One of my life’s greatest delights is to be fucked doggy-style with a finger  or thumb in my ass.  Personally I don’t need both to be moving to get off- even just the presence of something in my bum gives me a lovely feeling of fullness that makes me cum like nothing else.

A plug works nicely to provide that feeling during sex or fingering or toy penetration, because a lubey, clenching butt can shoot toys right out of ya!  For that reason, I prefer toys with a girthy bulb and a thin neck, and as always- a flared base.  A good option for that is the Pure Plug.


Notice how the plug base is small-ish, meaning it won’t get in the way of your other holes.  Your partner will feel the presence of the toy through your inner walls and good times will be had by all.  I’ve never had a problem with the Pure Plug coming out of me.  It is very hard though (it’s stainless steel after all!) so I wouldn’t use it with another hard toy, like a glass or metal dildo- because the walls inside of you are delicate and I’m afraid of hurting myself in the throes of enthusiastic ecstasy.

A good squishier alternative is the Sidekick.  Note again the big ratio of bulb-to-neck.  That’s what you’re depending on to keep that guy in there!


If you’re up for a really good time, there’s always the Deuce harness by Joque, which I wrote about here.  It’s a harness worn by a man that also has a hole for a dildo.  In this case, I like something smooth and flexible- more for a feeling of fullness than major stretch or texture.  A dildo like The Siren is a really nice choice.


Remember, you never want to use a finger/toy/anything in a vagina that has just been in a bum.  Butts house their own bacteria and it spells bad news for vaginas.  You can of course sterilize toys with Renew toy wash or boiling (solid silicone only) or you can be a lazy bum like me and just use a condom on your toys.  You can also use gloves to be able to finger with near-wild abandon.

21FH02-2 17FL02
So!  Give it a try if it sounds good to you.  Go slowly and start small and as always- LUBE LUBE LUBE!


So You Want to Dip a Toe Into Sex Toys for the First Time: Nonthreatening, Inexpensive Toys for the Trepidatious

Hey there beginners!  This is the first in a series I’m going to attempt called Personal Shopper.  These are friendly, non-threatening, and not too pricey.  All toys here ring in at under $30, because I love you!

If you’re looking to try a first sex toy, I recommend going for something small and inexpensive.  The True Blue Kit is a nice place to start.



The True Blue contains lube, a vibrating cock ring, a basic vibrator, and a massage bar.  The lube is a really nice one- water-based (which means you can use it with any toy) and body-friendly- free of parabens and glycerin.  The vibrator is a buzzy insertable (for vaginas, NOT for butts) that runs on batteries.  To translate:  some vibrators are buzzier (more like an electric toothbrush) and some are thuddier (more like an off-kilter washing machine.)  Neither is inherently better- it’s a matter of personal taste.  Personally, I find buzzy vibes to be a little numbing sometimes, but they’re definitely stimulating and tend to be a little cheaper.  The ring can be slipped over a cock or a toy for added clit stimulation while you enjoy penetration.  The massage bar is a really nice way to get in touch with your partner.  Batteries are included (!) and the whole package is $24.  Not too shabby!  (Oh, and all of those elements are available for individual purchase if you want just one of them.  Click through the link and you’ll find them.)

Another fun, buzzy option is the Colorpop FingO vibe.  

This little guy is a perfect transition for folks who like to masturbate with fingers.  These vibes are easy to wear and incorporate nicely into solo or partner play.  They’re subtle, if you can say that about a jelly-sleeved neon vibrator- in that they’re just kind of a turbo-boost to whatever motions you were doing on your own.  They’re not very strong, which is what some folks are looking for.  $20, nice little toy!  They come with batteries too.

For boys looking for vibes, may I recommend the Man Eater:


This $29 little weirdo is a firm plastic vibrating alien.  Yep.  Basically you slide your cock inside his mouth like an ear of corn.  Some guys find vibration to be very pleasurable, and some don’t, but at $29 you don’t have much to lose.  I recommend lubing this guy up with some water-based lube and sliding him along the underside of your dick, focusing on frenulum and head.  This would be fun for solo or partner play- including in the shower, because it’s waterproof.  And if you find it numbing (I doubt you would) it would be a nice fun way to last longer with later play.  For added cute, you change his settings by pressing on his belly button.  Adorbs!

Also for gentlemen- The Tenga Egg.


I know these are a little weird looking, but trust me here.  Inside these plastic shells are little egg-shaped sleeves with fun textures inside.  You put some lube inside and slide them onto your cock.


The magical elastomer material inside stretches to accommodate your member, and the squishy slippery insides feel like nothing you’ve felt before.  Though marketed as single-use, these eggs can be gently washed and left inside-out to dry and used 2 or 3 times.  Turned inside out, you can also stretch one over the head of a Hitachi Magic Wand for a squishy, slightly dampening (in a good way) treat.  They’re $8.50.

(also available in a stylish Keith Harrington edition!)



And last but not least- some beginner butt toys!  Butts are fun for everyone.  May I introduce the Sidekick:


This is a nice silicone smallish toy that’s not too big and not too small.  The wide base keeps it from getting sucked up inside you (ALWAYS use a flared base!) and the wider bulb/ narrower neck means it’ll stay in your bum hands-free, so you can do other things while it’s in there.  Also, silicone is my personal favorite toy material, especially for butt toys, because it’s completely sterilizable.  You can even boil them!  Many silicone toys are pricier but this one comes in at $22-$24 depending on size.  

SO.  Be brave!  Go buy a toy.  Let me know how it goes!