So You Want to Try Butt Stuff Part 2: Strap-ons

Strap ons are for everybody!  (Yes, I know I keep saying that about things.)  Welcome to Part 2 of the Butt Stuff series.  If you missed Part 1: Intro To Butt Stuff, you can find it here.

Strap-ons are so fun.  There are lots of kinds of harnesses and toys, and I’m going to tell you about my favorites here!

When it comes to harnesses, I am fiercely loyal to the company Spareparts.  See here: the Joque harness.




This was recommended to me in a Good Vibes store, where they let me take the floor model to the bathroom to try on over my clothes.  As a Lady of Circumference (size 20,) I found this harness in size B fit like a dream and had room to accommodate a body significantly bigger than mine.  What I like about this harness is that it is both comfortable (no plasticy straps digging into your thighs) and easy to clean (machine washable!)  I’ve had mine for years and it’s held up very well.  It’s also flattering and sturdy.  Mine looks especially cute under a red corset and a black tulle short skirt.  And heels, obvi.  Spareparts harnesses are well worth the price.

Another one I have by them is the Deuce Male Harness, which is intended to be worn by men for double penetration.


This one is similar to the first, but has 2 holes to accommodate both your bio-cock and a toy.  (I THINK it could be used with 2 toys, but it might be a little wobbly?)  As a HUGE fan of double penetration, let me say that this harness worked exactly as I expected it to.  That being said, I also found out that full-on double-cock sex first makes me cum so hard I almost pass out, and then immediately makes me feel like I ate a whole cake.  This is a wonderful product, but one that supplies an experience I can only handle once in a while.

Good Vibes has tons of sexy harnesses- many more than when I was reviewing a few years ago!  These are the only two I own, though I encourage you to go check out their selection.

As far as toys to use with a strap on, I’ve found gents new to the receiving end of things tend to be big fans of the Charm series.


I see they only have the small one in stock right now, which is the size of a slim finger.  These are nice because 1, they’re not super phallic and can be more comfortable for people, and 2, they’re really smooth and squishy.  These toys will slide right in with very little resistance and are a good first toy to make someone who’s feeling unsure/ uncomfortable with the idea of anal play.  I think it’s virtually impossible for these to hurt.  I’ve got 2 (small and large) and I love them.

Next up is the Bullseye, which is bigger and firmer than the Charms.


You’ll notice this one has a curve and a pronounced head.  This combo will rock your prostate or g-spot, whichever you’ve got!  (Remember- aim the curve toward the belly button.)  This is a girthier toy and the big head provides a bit of a “pop” getting it in.  It can be very pleasurable, but is also a stretch, so take your time and warm up!  Once in, it gives a really nice feeling of fullness.

Last but not least, we’ve got the ones I like to be penetrated with- because I’m a shameless size queen.  Introducing the First Mate and the Captain!


(I know they look similar- but note the difference in girth.)
These are good for people like me who love deep penetration.  I’m a fan of -ahem- having my cervix pounded, and these lovely toys do the trick.  They’re not for everyone, but if this is what you’re into, they’re hard to beat!  If you thought you’d like it and it turns out you don’t, check out this little genius idea:

O-Stabilizer rings are designed to stabilize a toy in a harness or provide a bumper to help decrease penetration depth.



Serious high 5 to whoever came up with these.  They’re a great idea!


All for now!  Do message me/comment with questions and concerns.  I love to help!

Happy fucking!  🙂