Who is Plums?

You can call me Kate.

I’m a lady in my 30s who likes, among other things, good sex.  I like sex toys and am interested in finding out about new ones.  I used to blog at OnIntimacy and OnIntimacy Reviews but gave it up for a few years due to changing life stuff.  Now I’m more happily settled again, and am back to check out new toys and tell you about them!

I do this for a couple of reasons.  1, orgasms and sexual pleasure are great.  The older I get, the more comfortable and confident I get with my body and all the awesome things it can do.  Sexuality is part of that.   2, this helps spread knowledge and discussion about healthy, person-centered sexuality and sexual orientation.  This is a cause that is very important to me, and thusly I encourage any and all readers to (respectfully, please) both comment on posts and email me privately with any questions or thoughts.  3, I’m a kinky perv who can talk about/have sex all day long.  4, SCIENCE!


  1. How old are you?  30sish.
  2. Where do you live?  The US.
  3. Do you get paid for reviews?  No.  I’m pretty principled about who I’m willing to link to on this site.  I belong to some affiliate programs, which means I get a small percentage of the cost of an order made through my links, but it’s not enough that it would sway my reviews.  I also only work with companies that I think promote happy, healthy, diverse sexuality- which means stores that sell things with body-unsafe materials or use douchey language or things like that will not appear on my site.  Also I get sent some toys for free, upon request- but if I hate them, I’ll definitely say so.
  4. What’s your relationship status?  Currently single and dating.
  5. What’s your body type?  Marshmallowy and joyful.
  6. What’s your sexuality?  Awesome.  I don’t identify as one sexuality because genitals/gender presentation are too fluid for me to feel like I can commit to one subset.  Historically I’ve dated mostly cisgendered men.  I swoon over assertive masculine women, petite bois, people who can play guitars, bear types, Shane from the L Word, feminist men who are dominant in the bedroom, and people who flirt with confidence and wit.
  7. What are you like in the bedroom?  Wiggly, generally sub-leaning.  A little bratty sometimes.  Enthusiastic, energetic, playful, insatiable, eager to please, communicative.
  8. Do you want to date me?  No, because stranger danger.
  9. I think I know who you are.  K.  You can pm me about it if you’re stressed, or just be cool about it and act like a person.  Whatevs.
  10. Will you send me newd pix?  I will not.
  11. Will you help me pick out the right toy for me?  YES!  I love that shit.  PM me, we’ll have fun.  Seriously.


Love your butts.

Rock on.






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