How Good Sex Toys Changed My Life (originally posted 12-25-2011)

I bought my first vibrator at the age of 18 from a seedy sex toy store in my hometown. I dragged along my two best friends and we all blushed and giggled our way through our purchase. It was some horrific blue pearlized jelly thing, shaped like a veiney alien cock. It took 2 AA batteries and buzzed loudly.

I had used different things before- a found back massager, the rushing water from the bathtub faucet, a deconstructed electric shaver. (Don’t try that one.)

When I went to college, I had sex for the first time. My boyfriend and I used a few toys- mostly novelty things, like a lipstick vibe or flavored lube. Then I took a class in Human Sexuality. It was an awesome class. Coupled with some rockin’ women’s studies classes, my world began to open. My awesome professor recommended a few sex toy websites to us. One of them was Babeland.

I visited the site, and a few more, like Goodvibes. They had such a different feel than the seedy toy stores I had been to in the past. They were woman-friendly, body-positive, catered to a variety of sexualities… Much more inviting.

So two years (plus a few days) ago, I ended a loving but virtually sexless relationship with The Gamer. I decided to reclaim my sexuality and make the most of it.

I made an account on a dating website and set up a bunch of dates. 2 months later I met The Chef, and a month or two later than that, I started this blog. I started reading blogs like SapioSlut, LittleGirlyOne, The Sub Mission, Fit to be Tied, Exploring Intimacy, Sugarbutch, and Saved By The Brew.

I learned about sex toy reviewing and got into the biz. I started my other blog and started to get sex toys. Having such wonderful toys available at my fingertips, I started to experiment with new sensations. I figured out my g-spot, and learned to come that way with the help of the G-Ki. Soon after I learned to squirt. The liberator throe helped me relax, release, and get better at it.

After an unlucky turn of events, I contracted HSV1 last January. My relationship with my body changed again, drastically. But with the help of an amazing partner, a good resource for safe sex supplies, and a vibrator that could get me off through my jeans, I slowly found my way back to myself.

There have been lots more toys and lots more experiences. I’ve used oodles of lubes and butt toys and BDSM toys and dildoes of all shapes and sizes. I’ve used them with partners and alone and had wild and sexy and silly adventures. If I had never begun to review, I would probably never have gotten a Wartenberg Wheel, double harness, or an unbelievably good blindfold.

Sex toys have helped me get more in touch with my own body and my pleasure. They’ve lit sparks that led to fun exploration, and have enabled me to learn about entirely different kinds of pleasure. Have they impeded my ability to come without them? No. Do I love them and use them regularly? Absolutely. Has the Hitachi burned my clit off or made it impossible for me to come without it? Absolutely not. I still prefer another person over any toy, but toys are fun and awesome.

These past 2 years have been absolutely awesome. I owe it in no small part to amazing companies like Babeland, which provides fantastic products and services and information for little explorers like me.

3 cheers to them!

And now I’m off, Purewand in hand, for an enjoyable evening of my own company. I wish you all the same.

Happy New Year!


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