Review: Silicone Nipple Suckers

I loooove nipple play.  But for me, it’s very difficult to stimulate my own nipples- kind of like trying to tickle myself.  I’ve heard of snake bite suckers before, which belong to a category lovingly referred to as “pervertables”- everyday objects that lead double lives as fun sex toys.  Originally these were invented as a safe way to suck venom out of a snake bite!  But some smart bastard somewhere must have realized they would also be awesome applied to nipples for straight up pleasure, and Silicone Nipple Suckers were born.  Check these suckers out:


Get it? Suckers?

These are firm little silicone cups that you squeeze and put over your nipple.  When you release they’ll hang on with moderate suction, and gently and temporarily increase blood flow to your nipples.  My nipple suckers are the large size, and are close to the width of a wine cork and a little shorter.  Bigger suckers mean bigger suction!



like thimbles fit for a leather daddy giant!


They recommend putting a little lube or lip balm around the edge if you’re having trouble making a good seal, but I found that to be unnecessary.  The feeling of these on is hard to explain- sometimes a gentle still suction, and more noticeable when I move.  I found it was fun to flick them while they’re on, or to squeeze them in different directions while maintaining the seal.  When I took them off, my nipples were definitely more sensitive for a little while.

My only complaint about these nipple suckers was their aesthetic- the grippy design reminds me of tire treads and feels kind of leather-scene-y to me.  It’s not a huge deal for me, and definitely not something that would prevent me from using them!  Now that it’s summer and I’m getting into all sorts of craft projects, I’m wondering if it would be possible to decorate them in some way…?  (Do metallic paint pens work on silicone?)

I really love these suckers for a lot of reasons.  They’re small, easy to bring along on a liaison, easy to clean (did I mention they’re silicone?), and inexpensive while still being well-made- no sharp seams on these!  But most importantly, they feel really good and they fill a purpose that few other toys I’ve seen do.


And that purpose is dinosaur hats. Just kidding, it’s good strong nipple suction.

5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you, Good Vibes, for sending me these nipple suckers to review!  I love them.

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